Borrowing Privileges - St. Stephen's College Students

St. Stephen's Faculty/Instructors, please see the Academic Staff page for information about library cards and borrowing privileges.

Type of Material
Loan Period
Max Renewals
Fines per item
U of A Books & Periodicals Term loan:
Oct 1-Jan 31
Feb 1-May 31
Jun 1-Sept 30

After 2 weeks, items are subject to recall. Recalled items are due 7 days from date of email notification.
4 $0 if not recalled.
$5.00/day if the item has been recalled.

Recall notices are not sent for items that are already overdue. At 31 days overdue, the item will be assumed lost and a lost fee of $150.00 will be applied.
Non U of A Material (NEOS, ILL, etc.) 2 weeks 4 $1.00/day
Specialized items (multimedia, sound recordings, gov documents, microform, curriculum) Varies (check with library) 4 $0 if not recalled.
$5.00/day if the item has been recalled.
Recall notices are not sent for items that are already overdue. At 31 days overdue, the item will be assumed lost and a lost fee of $150.00 will be applied.
U of A Reserve Items
2 hrs None $1.00/hr

Law: 1 day None $6.00/day
Lost Charge: $150.00/item.

Number of items that you can borrow: Unlimited


  • If requested by others, your borrowed items will be recalled by UofA Libraries.
  • Check your email for a "Recall Notice" with revised due date.
  • You have 7 days to return item(s) to the Library.

Renewal: Items may be renewed if no other user has requested the item. See table above for maximum renewal limits.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

UAL suspends your borrowing privileges when:

  1. Bills/accruing fines = $50.00 or more
  2. Items overdue for 31 days or more. Then items marked as lost and a charge of $150.00 applies.
  3. Recalled material not returned by recall due date.

Fines & Other Charges

  • Overdue fines. See rates in above table. Note: to a maximum of $31.00/item.
  • Lost Book Charge: $150.00/item. Refund (less $31.00 overdue fine) within 365 days of payment date if item found and returned to one of our Service desks.
  • Discretionary fine (for breach of regulations, abuse of privileges, etc): $50.00
  • NSF Cheque Charge: $25.00
  • Rebinding/repair charges for items returned damaged: Charges will vary

How to Avoid Fines:

  • Return materials on time
  • Check your date due slip or My Account
  • Check your email for Recall and Due Date notices
  • Renew material online at My Account or by calling the library at 780-492-4174
  • Plan for out of town stays by returning material that might be recalled before you leave

Fine Appeals: If you feel your fine is not valid, please submit a Fines Appeal Form.

How to Pay Fines and Lost Book Charges:

  • Self-service machines: Credit or debit card payment only at machines in Rutherford, Cameron, Coutts (Education), John Walter Scott (Health Sciences), and Bibliotheque Saint-Jean libraries.
  • InfoLink: Cash or ONEcard payment can be made in-person at all six (6) InfoLink locations. Credit or debit card payment is also available at the InfoLink ONEcard Service Centre (HUB mall) and the InfoLink Desk at Student Life Central (Lower Level SUB). Note: if paying with debit or credit card, $5.00 minimum required; if fine amount is less than $5.00 the balance will be added to your ONEcard. Please refer to InfoLink website for hours of operation.
  • By Mail: Make cheques payable to University of Alberta Library; include your ONEcard Barcode Number or Student ID Number on the back of the cheque. If your cheque does not already include your current address and telephone number, include this information on the cheque as well. Mail cheque to:

Financial Systems and Analysis Office
University of Alberta Libraries
5th Floor, Cameron Library
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J8

  • By Phone: For those who do not have a CCID login or online access, credit card payments can be made be by phone by calling Library Financial Services and Analysis Office at 780-492-8320, Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:00. If you leave a voicemail, provide only your name and phone number. Do NOT leave your credit card number on the voicemail. FSA will normally return calls on the same day, except for messages left towards the end of business hours.

Lifting of Encumbrances:

If you are being blocked ("encumbered") from registering or your transcripts and/or degree certificate are being withheld due to unpaid fines, encumbrances will be lifted upon payment of outstanding fines. Encumbrances are lifted at the top of the hour hourly between 8:00 am and midnight and then again at 2:00 am, Mon-Sun with the exception of the Christmas period when the university is closed. Please note: Fines payments received less than fifteen minutes before the hour will not clear an individual's encumbrance until the next hour. For fines payments received after 1:45 am encumbrances will not be lifted until 8:00 am.

If you have paid your fine in full, and your encumbrance is not lifted within the expected time period as specified above, please contact any UAlberta library public service desk.