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The Digital Initiatives Team investigates and works towards solutions for advancing a broad range of digital initiatives, including repository services, digitization, data, digital preservation and digital collection development. We work in collaboration with other units, teams and groups throughout the Library system as well as local, national and international partners.

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2-10 Cameron Library
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2J8

Our People


Geoff harder

Geoff Harder

Sonya betz

Sonya Betz

Peter binkley

Peter Binkley

Anna Bombak

Anna Bombak

Michelle brailey

Michelle Brailey

Piyapong charoenwattana

Piyapong Charoenwattana

Robert cole

Robert Cole

Danoosh Davoodi

Danoosh Davoodi

James doiron

James Doiron

Sharon farnel

Sharon Farnel

John huck

John Huck

Tricia jenkins

Tricia Jenkins

Jay Jorgensen

Jay Jorgensen

Larry laliberte

Larry Laliberte

Kayla Lar-son

Kayla Lar-son

Shane Murnaghan

Shane Murnaghan

Mariana paredes olea

Mariana Paredes-Olea

Umar qasim

Umar Qasim

Weiwei shi

Weiwei Shi

Leah vanderjagt

Leah Vanderjagt

Lydia Zvyagintseva

Lydia Zvyagintseva