Study Area Directory & Noise Zones

To create an environment that meets the study and work needs of our campus community we have established noise level zones in the libraries to suit varying types of study:

Intended to serve as silent, individual study space for readers and students who need to concentrate.

  • No conversation
  • No food
  • Cell phone on silent
  • Electronics need earphones with sound on low

Intended to serve as quiet space for readers and students. In these zones only low-level talking is permitted.

  • Whispered conversation
  • Food permitted
  • Cell phone on vibrate
  • Electronics need earphones

Usually busy with high traffic levels. Intended as group study areas and/or instructional areas and include library service desk areas. Conversational noise is to be expected.

  • Group conversation
  • Food permitted
  • Cell phone on vibrate
  • Electronics need earphones

    Augustana Faculty Library

    • Collaborative Zone - Main floor, lower level
    • Quiet Zone - Lower level room L1-105, lower level study carrels
    • Silent Zone - Main floor study carrels room 1-114

    There are approximately 120 computer workstations as well as access to UWS wireless service within the Library. The main and lower floors contain table, barstool and soft seating with plug-in access. Group study and presentation preparation rooms may be booked at the Service Desk.

    Bibliothèque Saint-Jean

    • Aires publiques - Près des points de service (comptoir d’accueil et imprimante)
    • Aires tranquilles - Isoloirs et tables des collections générales et pédagogiques
    • Aire silencieuse - Salle Silencieuse (1-12A)

    Nous disposons de 35 ordinateurs équipés de Windows office et Antidote 9 et de 45 isoloirs. Plusieurs grandes tables sont également mises à la disposition des étudiants. Cinq salles d'étude en groupe pouvant aisément accueillir entre 2 et 12 personnes sont équipées de tables et de tableaux blancs. La salle 1-12E est équipée d’un smart board, et la salle 1-12F d’un écran LCD mural. Ces salles doivent être réservées sur Book study space. Cliquez ici pour accéder au plan de la bibliothèque.

    • Collaborative Zone - Main floor service areas
    • Quiet Zone - Main floor study carrels and tables
    • Silent Zone - Silent room (1-12A)

    There are 45 study carrels located in the library. We also offer five group study rooms which can comfortably accommodate 2 to 12 people. Salle 1-12E is equipped with a smartboard and salle 1-12F has a wall-mounted LCD screen. Advanced booking is required for three of the four rooms. Click here for a map.

    Cameron Library (Science & Technology)

    • Collborative Zone - Main Floor, 2nd floor (Common Area)
    • Quiet Zone - Knowledge Common and Study Hall (Basement)
    • Silent Zone - 3rd floor (note: food-free zone), 4th floor

    There are over 350 computers including 39 iMacs on the second floor with the entire building providing UWS wireless service. Cameron Library offers table seating with plug-ins, individual and group workstations, quiet study carrels, bookable group study and presentation preparation rooms with computers and LCD displays, and a comfortable soft seating area for studying or relaxing.

    H.T. Coutts Library (Education & Physical Education)

    • Collaborative Zone - Main floor, Basement
    • Quiet Zone - 2nd floor
    • Silent Study room - 2nd floor

    Coutts Library offers many large tables and carrels for students in the basement and on the second floor. There are six group study rooms available for student use. Group study rooms may be booked using our online registration system.

    J.A. Weir Memorial Law Library

    • Collaborative Zone - 2nd floor entry (before the glass doors)
    • Quiet Zone - 2nd floor after the glass doors
    • Silent Zone - 3rd Floor, including W-342E

    The Law Library can seat over 400 people. Group study rooms may be booked online. The McLean Reading Room (designated for law student use only) on the third floor of the library seats 60 and has both electrical and network connections for each seat.

    J.W. Scott Health Sciences Library

    • Collaborative Zone - Level 2 (Top floor)
    • Quiet Zone - Level 1 (Lower floor)
    • Silent Zone - Level 1A (Middle floor)

    The Scott Library can seat over 500 people at carrels and tables throughout the three levels of the library. Group study rooms may be booked using our online registration system.

    Rutherford Humanities & Social Sciences Library

    Rutherford Library North

    • Collaborative Zone - Main floor when library Service Desk is open
    • Quiet Zone - 2nd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor. The Main floor is a Quiet Zone during extended study hours.
      • Some conversational noise can be expected from the 2nd floor classroom.
    • Silent Zone - 3rd floor
      • Silent & Food-Free Zones: Rooms 1-108

    Studying & Computing:

      • over 700 study spaces on 5 floors
      • 30 laptop stations
      • 110 Computing workstations
      • 14 Group Study Rooms
      • 5 ONEcard printers

    Rutherford Library South 2nd Floor

    • Collaborative Zone - 2nd floor Foyer
    • Quiet Zone - 2nd floor Reading room

    Studying & Computing:

      • just under 500 study spaces
      • 2 IST computer labs: 2-03 (35 workstations) and 2-05a (15 workstations)
      • 2 Group Study Rooms
      • 1 ONEcard printer

    Winspear Business Library

    • Collaborative Zone - Public computer areas
    • Quiet Zone - Study area under main floor mezzanine
    • Silent Zone - Long tables & all other main floor study carrels

    There are a total of 83 study carrels, 7 tables, & 42 computer stations. Group Discussion Rooms are available for Business student group use only: 2 on the mezzanine & 4 on the main floor. All have wireless access to large projection screens. The rooms may be booked online for a maximum of 2 hours/day from this link: