The University of Alberta Libraries provides spaces and support for displays, and exhibits that support University of Alberta teaching and research. We also, on a selective basis, provide spaces for student groups and other campus partners to host their events. Policies and procedures on this page do not cover the exhibitions program at Bruce Peel Special Collections or library sponsored displays and events. Some examples of previous exhibits can be found at http://ualbertalibrarynews.blogspot.ca/search/label/exhibits. As our space is limited we operate through the following principles:

  • All exhibits, displays and events must be non-commercial and may not advertise commercial products or services. The only exception being bake sales for student groups.
  • Many of the libraries work regularly with established partners and have limited flexibility to accommodate other requests.
  • Non-University groups may be considered depending on the purpose of the exhibit or based on a strong connection to the UofA.
  • The library does not host events during extended hours, provide security/monitoring for events, and is not responsible for loss or damage to materials including material in locked cabinets.
  • The library provides space and in some cases equipment (e.g., display boards and cases); groups are responsible for supplies, setup, take down and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
  • Student groups must be recognized by Student Services as a student group and in addition to working through us must book their event through the Student Services Event Booking system.
  • As Library activity and display spaces are also study spaces, we will always balance the needs of students who are studying and groups wanting to use the space for activities.

Spaces and Resources Available

Augustana Library

Spaces and Resources Display cases, some open spaces
Unit level guidelines Displays that have some relevance or obvious interest to the Augustana campus or the local community.
Contact Nancy Goebel (ngoebel@ualberta.ca)

Bibliothèque Saint-Jean

Spaces and Resources Display cases and display boards
Unit level guidelines Exhibits either by Saint-Jean Campus or larger francophone community.
Contact Debbie Feisst (debbie.feisst@ualberta.ca)

Cameron Library (Science and Technology Library)

Spaces and Resources Space for events and displays is limited to level one and includes Cameron Nook and on a more limited basis Cameron Common and Fireside Lounge. Resources include 14 display cases of various sizes and 11 display panels.
Unit level guidelines SciTech Library’s primary partners for activities and displays are Unwind Your Mind and Wellness, URI, Office of Sustainability and the three faculties SciTech Library supports. We will work very selectively with other groups at our discretion. Allowing activities that displace students or include noise in the Cameron Common and Fireside Lounge will be the rare exception. Cameron does not host bake sales or any other fundraising events.
Contact Angie Mandeville (angie.mandeville@ualberta.ca)

H.T. Coutts Library: Education and Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation

Spaces and Resources Main floor of the library and outside library hall display case in Education South. Resources include glass display cases and 3, double-sided display panels.
Unit level guidelines Coutts collaborates to support as many external exhibits and displays as possible relevant to education, literacy, reading, Indigenous initiatives, physical education; we will work with other groups at our discretion.
Contact Debbie Feisst (debbie.feisst@ualberta.ca) or Amber (amber.mciver@ualberta.caualberta.ca)

J.A. Weir Law Library

Spaces and Resources Law has one display case.
Unit level guidelines Topics should be related to law or a libraries initiative.
Contact Christine Brown (christine.brown@ualberta.ca)

Rutherford Library (Humanities & Social Sciences Library)

Spaces and Resources South Foyer and the Galleria are the main areas for displays. Resources include 13 display cases of various sizes and 20 display panels and 15 easels.
Unit level guidelines Rutherford’s primary partners are Department of Art & Design, the Faculty of Native Studies and other Faculty of Arts programs/activities/initiatives. We take other exhibits if they can fit into the schedule. Exhibits tend to be art related or academic (e.g. posters/research projects), submissions that fall outside these areas are selectively considered. We have several annual exhibits and tend to be solidly booked about 1 year in advance. Open space does occur so we can often work in additional exhibits when we can. Rutherford hosts bake sales in the Galleria.
Contact Christine Brown (christine.brown@ualberta.ca)

Scott Health Sciences Library

Spaces and Resources All activities and exhibits are hosted on level two (top floor). Locations include Scott Lounge: (Nook to left of entrance to library; seats 8-10) and Scott Reading Room: (Seats 15; 5 tables with 3 seats each, could comfortably seat up to 15 people). Exhibit resources include 7 display cases.
Unit level guidelines Scott Library’s primary partners for activities and displays are Unwind Your Mind and affiliated partners; and the Health Sciences faculties. We work selectively with other groups at our discretion. As Scott Library activity and display spaces are also study spaces we balance the needs of students who are studying with groups wanting to use the space for activities. Allowing activities that displace students or include noise in the Scott Lounge and Scott Reading Room will be the rare exception. We only host events or groups with a strong UA connection.
Contact Erin Sanderman (erin.sanderman@ualberta.ca)

Winspear Business Library

Spaces and Resources Table under SUTV monitor for displays.
Unit level guidelines Due to the size of Winspear library we are only able to accommodate BSA (Business Students' Association) and Unwind your Mind.
Contact Angie Mandeville (afm1@ualberta.ca)

Groups exhibiting or hosting events in Libraries must follow the following guidelines:

  • Those hosting activities must follow library/campus guidelines if taking video or photos.
  • The name of the sponsor of the display must be included and all signage must be of professional quality.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for all display items as well as set up materials, props and clean up. The Library will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged materials.
  • Displays may not be attached to walls, ceilings or furniture.
  • Displays must be removed and area tidied at the agreed upon date. If not they will be removed, disposed of and the exhibitor will lose display privileges at the Library.