Research Data Management Week. May 6-10, 2019

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The research data management (RDM) landscape in Canada is rapidly evolving - from funder policies, to institutional strategies, data management planning, data deposit and beyond! Join us for the 6th annual Research Data Management Week May 6 - 10, 2019!

This year’s RDM Week will offer both a wide range of applied learning and information sessions, as well as discussions regarding the changing landscape, including the 2018 draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, which demonstrates both the importance of RDM and some of the challenges faced by researchers and institutions regarding the management of research data.

Opening Keynote Panel Discussion:

“Embracing Data Horizons: Research Data Management at the University of Alberta”

Date: May 6, 2019

Time: 10:30 AM

Location: ECHA L1-490

Join us for an engaged and interactive panel session during which senior administrators, researchers, and RDM professionals will discuss the evolving landscape, the importance of RDM and how it intersects with their offices/research, supports and services available to researchers and graduate students, and how the UofA campus is embracing our “Data Horizons”!

  • Evan Davies - Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering
  • Lorraine Deydey - Director, Research Services Office
  • James Doiron - Research Data Management Services Coordinator, Libraries
  • Kim Kordov - Associate Director, Research Ethics Office
  • Lawrence Richer - Director, Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre & Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
  • Matthias Ruth - Vice-President, Research

Other exciting sessions include:

  • RDM ‘Therapy’

    Focusing on a different discipline each day, these are interactive and engaged sessions that will include experts from across campus to connect with.

    • Monday - Health Research
    • Tuesday - Digital Humanities
    • Wednesday - Natural Sciences
    • Thursday - Fine Arts
    • Friday - Social Sciences
  • Research Data Management 101

    In-depth overview of RDM, including impending related Tri-Agencies policies and supports and services available to researchers and graduate students on campus through the libraries
  • Data Management Planning 101

    Essential information about data management plans (DMPs), including impending related Tri-Agencies policies, the importance and benefits of DMPs, how they can support your research, and an overview of their content. Additionally, a hands-on demonstration of the freely available Portage DMP Assistant tool will be offered!

  • Dataverse 101

    An introduction to UofA’s institutional research data repository, Dataverse, and how it supports data deposit, discoverability and access! A comprehensive overview of Dataverse will be provided and attendees are welcome to bring along their laptops should they wish to create a Dataverse account!

  • Spotlight on Indigenous Research

    A panel discussion between Dr. Paul Gareau and PhD candidate Tanya Ball from the Faculty of Native Studies, moderated by Kayla Lar-Son, Indigenous Academic Resident, UAlberta Libraries.

  • Compute Canada 101

    Compute Canada provides free state-of-the-art advanced research computing support and services to faculty, students and librarians, including access to storage, training, cluster-based computing, and virtual machines in the cloud. Join us for this ‘101’ session where you will learn all about the supports and services available through Compute Canada and how you can access them!

  • Speed “Data-ing”!

    That’s right - not a dating event, but a "data"-ing event! This casual and fun session is open to researchers, graduate students and research staff who are either involved, interested in, or finding themselves having to manage research data!

  • Open Government Data De-mystified

    Explore open government data in this hands on session! Learn how can you use these data to enhance or further your research. This is an introductory level session that delves into analysis, visualization, and data archive “Odesi”

If you are involved in research on campus then RDM week will be of interest to you!

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