HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee

The overall goal of the H T Coutts Library Advisory Committee is to enhance library collections and services to better meet evolving faculty and student needs and improve the user experience of the H T Coutts library. It meets every 6-8 weeks to ensure effective communication and engagement from all of departments in the Faculty of Education. The Committee provides the Library with advice, feedback and input on specific local issues and works with library staff to develop and improve services, communication and policies and programs. Consisting of faculty members and students, members take back information and updates from meetings to their departments and student organizations and solicit additional feedback with a focus on effectively and proactively engaging the academic community in the H T Coutts library decision making and developments.

2016-2017 Appointed Academic members:

Jonathan Anuik - Educational Policy Studies

David Lewkowich - Secondary Education

Trudy Cardinal - Elementary Education

Alison McInnes - Educational Psychology

Adam Worrall- School of Library and Information Studies

Statutory Members:

Assistant Dean, Educational Technology Services- Janet Welch

Head Librarian, HT Coutts Library- Katherine Koch (Chair)

Appointed/elected Student Reps:

GSA - Carla Lewis

ESA - Jace Buencamino

Invited members:

Debbie Feisst, Kim Frail, Allison Sivak- H T Coutts Library liaison Librarians

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