Augustana Campus Library Advisory Committee

1. Composition

Membership shall include:

    • Three (3) faculty members (each one appointed from each of Science, Fine Arts and Humanities, and Social Science Departments). The Committee will agree upon one of these members serving as Chair for all or part of their term.
    • Augustana’s Associate Dean of Research.
    • One (1) Augustana student, as selected by the Augustana Students’ Association.
    • Augustana Head Librarian.
    • Guests to attend or speak to an issue by invitation through Chair.

Faculty members will serve for staggered renewable three-year terms; students will serve one-year renewable terms. No more than two sequential three-year terms shall be served.

2. Terms of Reference

2.1. Purpose and Mandate

The Library Advisory Committee shall:

    • Advise the Augustana Head Librarian regarding the collections, services, initiatives, staffing, instruction program, policies, and facilities as appropriate to the research environment needs of Augustana’s academic programs.
    • Consider ways to improve the quality of experience for library patrons with a focus on student engagement and success.
    • Consider special promotions or events for Augustana Campus Library.

2.2. Meeting and Reporting

    • Meetings will convene at least two times per year (normally fall/winter), with additional meetings as required.
    • Chair will prepare agenda and distribute electronically to members at least three days prior to meetings.
    • Quorum is set at three (3) members, with those unable to attend to send their regrets to the Chair electronically as early as possible to avoid meeting without a quorum.
    • Alternate Members will be permitted to attend by request of a member who cannot attend, with notice sent to the Chair prior to the meeting.
    • Minutes will be taken by the Head Librarian and distributed electronically within a week of regular or special meetings.
    • The committee will submit an informational report of activities to the Augustana Faculty Council annually.

Approved by Faculty Council: May 5, 2014